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I'm a tattoo artist and illustrator from Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. As a naturalist and wildlife artist, I am devoted to the flora and fauna of our beloved Great Lakes and the ecoregions that surround them. Whether it has fur, fins, petals, or feathers, I aim to cultivate an attentiveness and appreciation towards the natural world at all sizes and scales.

I love nature. I especially love birds and herpetofauna. I’m an avid birder, and my idea of a good time is hanging out in a swamp from sunrise to sunset. I rely on long hikes to keep me happy and productive. I also love canoeing, camping, and brook trout fishing—along with the spring and fall bird migration, I plan my schedule around how often I can get out and do these things.

I’m the owner of Late Bloomer Tattoo. Before I fell into tattooing, I worked as a graphic designer, where I learned to collaborate creatively with other people. Prior to design school, I worked in arts and culture for over half a decade. I originally pursued post-secondary education in Biology but dropped out before completing my degree to give art a shot. I co-founded the Form Follows Passion Bursary to support our local art and design students, with a portion of proceeds from flash sales going to fund the bursary.

I love tattooing. I love this job and the people I get to meet because of it. The most rewarding part of my practice is getting to connect with people who love nature as much as I do. I've tattooed botanists, conservationists, mushroom farmers, herpetologists, beekeepers, arborists, wildlife rehabilitators, and everyone in between. I love tattooing and learning from people who have devoted their lives to helping preserve, appreciate, and understand our beautiful planet.

Photo by Brandon Gray