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Skin, paper, walls— I’ll draw on pretty much anything. I especially love creating murals. Before tattooing, I was part of the mural coordination team for Up Here Urban Arts and Mural Festival, where I helped curate and coordinate the creation of dozens of murals around Sudbury.

Beginning to translate my natural science artwork to murals has been one of the highlights of my career. I’ve worked with festivals, businesses, and organizations to create indoor and outdoor murals of all sizes and scales. I have valid Working at Heights and Aerial Work Platform training. I’m also happy to do commissioned private murals for homes, cottages, or offices.


On The Wing, Up Here Festival 2021

Inspiration - a notoriously elusive feeling, is really just having an Idea flutter by and brush up against you. These Ideas, they can’t be willed or controlled, but you can go looking for them, the way a bird hunts for insects.

Few birds can beat the agile, acrobatic skills of our Barn Swallow. Skimming low across the meadows and marshes of Northern Ontario, these aerial insectivores eat insects in flight, or “on the wing.”

In pursuit of Inspiration, we can take a lesson from the Barn Swallow. Over time, if you stay on the wing, you’ll get better at catching your Ideas. You’ll stop treating your Ideas as fleeting, precious creatures. Eventually, you’ll start to devour them.

Vous êtes ici, Up Here Festival 2015

A typographic mural referencing historical iconography and hand-painted signage from the Sudbury area. This piece references the familiar “ICE” signs of corner stores and is meant to act as a landmark for the southern entrance of Downtown Sudbury.

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